Your roof is the protection from the harsh Australian Climate, Rain and Storms.

Painting your roof looks amazing yes but it’s more about the Protection and Preservation of the Roof Itself.

Cracked Tiles , Rusted Sheets and Bolts will eventually start letting water into your roof causing a lot of Water Damage and Rott to your homes whole structure and ceilings before you even notice.

If left too long the operation is very costly and messy to Replace Rotten and Water Damaged Timber and Plasterboard.

Our Friendly Staff will Pressure Clean your Whole Roof, Replace BrokenTiles, Repoint Tile Capping, Treat any Rusted Surfaces and Replace Roof Bolts before any Painting Takes Place.

TCP only uses a Three Coat Painting System with the best of Roofing Membrane Products for A Long Lasting  Life and Ultimate Protection.

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