Residential Exterior Painting is an exciting way to give your home a fresh new, modern look which can completely change the appearance of your home.

If you love the original colour scheme, refreshing it back to its brand new state is a great idea, and will also add a lot of value to your property.


The preparation of your exterior repaint is very important, as it determines how long your new paint work will stand the test of time and look amazing for.

TCP’s professional and friendly staff will kill any mould, pressure clean all surfaces, gap fill all cracks and gaps, putty and patch any holes, sand every surface, dust and sweep before any painting takes place.


TCP only uses the best products for exterior painting we use;

Polyfiller S20 Gap Filler, as it has low shrinkage, tough long-life, high-stretch capacity.

Taubmans All Weather Painting range from Matt, Low Sheen, Semi and High Gloss Finish with Nanoguard Technology which is Mould & Mildew Resistant, Self Priming, UV resistant, Fast Drying, Resists Blistering, Flaking & Peeling, Water resistant, Dirt resistant and Easy to Clean with a Maximum Lifetime Guarantee.

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